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Useful sites for job search

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jobALG.ca specializes in finding job for occupations related to PC SOFT software.

Even if it is his ambition, he does not collect (again) all ads which could then appear on other job sites, including Emploi Québec. That is why a page of interesting websites was created (actually migrated from PcSoft.ca) to help you get an overall view of the job market in Quebec and Canada. 

Most of these sites are well known but there are also outsiders as well as interesting information, for example to his resume.

This page will be updated regularly.

Working in Canada

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PC SOFT tools are very popular in Europe (especially French-speaking countries) and in some countries in Africa, also French-speaking. This is probably related to the fact that the WLanguage allows programming in the language of Voltaire. It is found in all these countries, those skilled in the use of these products and, among them, analysts/developers who desires change. Canada, and Quebec in particular, then represent an interesting option.

The jobAGL.ca site representing a door to the job market in Canada for the PC SOFT specialists. A quick survey also evidence to suggest that most companies using the PC SOFT products are in Quebec and mainly in the area of Greater Montreal area privileged by new immigrants.

So here, for those interested, some sources of information that would allow you to learn more about immigration procedures. You see, most of the links pointing Immigrer.com site that is the reference for all aspects of immigration in Canada. Feel free to browse!

The first question to ask: are you ready for the big jump (fr) : http://www.immigrer.com/potentiel

Your decision is made ? Several types of visas available but only some, whose permanent residence (which serve as a reference for the rest of this article), you grant the right to practice your profession in Canada (fr): http://www.immigrer.com/page/Immigrer_Autres_visas_et_procedures.html

It is then necessary to take steps (slightly different depending on the chosen visa). Know that the time it takes these procedures for application for permanent residence, takes more than a year. Know that your efforts (you and your family if any) could be costly (fr): http://www.immigrer.com/page/Immigrer_Faire_les_demarches_Demarches_generales.html

This is the time to become familiar with the country. It is strongly advised to make one or several exploratory trips. They allow you to live the lives of Canadians and to begin certain steps (why not a job interview or survey from one neighborhood to live?). For other practical aspects, here are some interesting documents that sum up life around here : http://www.expat-blog.com/guides/guide-Canada.pdf and http://www.expat-blog.com/guides/guide-Quebec.pdf. These two documents from the website just as interesting : http://www.expat-blog.com/en/destination/north-america/canada/

These steps are then well underway, here is more information on employment in. Be aware that the computer work is not linked to a professional in Quebec, only a sectoral committee exists.

Remember also to analyze the market in the profession of your spouse …

To be aware that most companies carry a focus on “Canadian experience”, namely your market knowledge and work habits in Canada. It is necessarily non-existent when you arrive and it will be necessary to have other arguments to convince your future employer.

Hope this can help you in your expatriation ambitions. For questions related to this topic, do not hesitate to ask the forum of (fr) Immigrer.com or the Community or PC SOFT products users in Canada.

Good luck and see you can be in this beautiful country!





jobAGL.ca is online

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The success of jobAGL.fr since 2013, yours truly has agreed with the web designer to create his “little brother” to the Canadian market. Here is a new website solely dedicated to jobs in the PC SOFT technologies in Canada: jobAGL.ca.

Dear developers! Looking for new challenges? This site allows you to share easily your CV and increase your visibility in the market related to your favorite AGL. Your professional growth will be boosted in a few clicks!

Dear Advertiser, post here your job descriptions and draw attention to your business and your sense of innovation. You’ve already made the choice of this development environment, surround yourself with a team that will allow you to go further, faster!

In one word, put this site in your favorites, you will soon indispensable. 

Have a nice day!

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