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jobAGL.ca allows to easily connects job seekers and employers / recruiters in the field of software development using the PC SOFT products.

This website and its contents (the “Site“) are provided as a service by Lapalys Inc. (“Lapalys“). Before browsing the Site, make sure you read well the conditions governing its use. By visiting the Site, you agree to be bound by these Terms and you agree to respect them.

Reasonable use of the site

This site is exclusively for candidates and advertisers for jobs related to PC SOFT® technologies and in the territory of North America.

a) For all users, it is prohibited:

- To promote work at home or affiliate system;
- To promote a site whose activities may compete with ours as a competitor job site, a site with an employment section or site offers or job searches.

b) As an employer and the content of the ads, it is prohibited:

- Display a non-existent post or incomplete description, misleading or inaccurate;
- To use the site for other purposes than to recruit staff; 
- To ask for money to candidates to apply or have access to a job;
- To publish advertisements containing invalid or incomprehensible information, where it lacks essential information, erotic or sexual nature;
- Publish several times the same job offer (visible by members);
- Publish advertisements containing several positions;

c) As a candidate and the content of the CV, it is prohibited:

- To use the site for other purposes than nominate;
- Contact employers misused (for spamming).

As part of your use of this site, you also agree not to:

- To collect personal information from other users (including email addresses) for the purpose of transmitting unauthorized promotional information;
- Export of information collected on the site;
- Use different identities;
- Use the website in a way that can, directly or indirectly, violate any law or regulation or which may result in an investigation or prosecution against us;
- Display content involving a JavaScript or ActiveX or repetitive postings, nor perform operations that harm forum activities. Do not post content that contains Trojans, spyware, worms, executable files or external links to sites that force downloading viruses, programs, spyware, or other content or codes that may interfere with the functionality of the Site or to damage or destroy data or functionality of an equipment or computer software;
- Convey defamatory texts, obscene, offensive, violent, racist or other illegal material that would violate the intellectual property of others (private or public) on the Site, under penalty of immediate termination of your account.

The Site reserves the right to suspend, at any time, an entry to the site, and without warning, and as soon as the member contravene one or the other clauses of this contract.

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